Monday, 12 November 2018

Reverse Culture Shock: What It's Like Moving Home

Moving Home

It's been two months since we moved back home after living abroad in Singapore. I can't even explain how quickly the time as gone! I thought I would write a quick update on 'repat life' and how it feels to be returning to the UK after living overseas.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

How I afford to travel and how you can too

Travel all the time

The number one question I have been asked since I started Melis Living and moved to Singapore is how can you afford to travel so much and for so long?

In 2018 we have visited 10 countries, taken 22 flights and had a ruddy good time. I want to caveat this guide by saying I am aware how lucky I am and not everyone can afford to travel all the time. I hope you will read this in the manner it is intended which is a little guide on the sacrifices I make to save up so I can afford to travel to as many places as possible. This is not a boast at all, I am writing this in my fluffy pyjamas living a very non-glamorous life in the UK in full on 'saving mode'!

I see so many social media posts and quotes saying 'quit your job and do what you love' but it's just not that easy and most of us have to work and save madly to afford to visit the places we lust after. Read on to find out what small changes I have made over the years to build up enough savings to see some amazing places and make unforgettable memories.

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Cycling in the Hoi An Countryside

Earlier this year I visited Hoi An, Vietnam for the first time. I was so excited to visit this colourful, quaint and lantern-filled city. As always, I read up on the destination and soon found that a cycling trip would be the best way to take in the beautiful surrounding countryside and discover the local way of life.

There was the option to borrow bikes from our homestay (the Asian term for a bed and breakfast hotel) or book onto an organised tour. We only had 3 days in Hoi An and I hadn't ridden a bike for over 15 years so being a massive chicken I decided an organised tour was the way to go.

After doing plenty of research online we decided to book a half day tour through Grasshopper Adventures, costing US$37 per person. What drew us to this tour in particular was that it included stops at different homes within the local Hoi An community, giving us the chance to get a taster of the Vietnamese way of life.

The result was a day filled with memorable experiences and moments which touched me more than any other experience I have had whilst travelling. Read on to find out why it was so special!