Friday, 21 June 2019

Thaikhun Metrocentre Review

We were invited to review Thaikhun Metrocentre and received a voucher towards our meal. To read my full disclaimer, click here.

It is no secret that I have been missing Asian food constantly since moving back to the UK, so when Thaikhun Metrocentre got in touch and asked if I would like to visit for a review I was very excited for an excuse to get my fix.

Thai is my favourite cuisine of all time, and having already visited and loved Thaikhun I was really excited to go back. We had a table booked for 7pm on a Thursday night and it was fairly busy, with a mix of couples and families. The restaurant transports you straight to the streets of Bangkok with its quirky and colourful interior . It definitely stands out visually compared to other chain restaurants in the Metrocentre which allowed us to really switch off and feel like we were somewhere far more exotic than a shopping centre!

Sunday, 2 June 2019

May trips and bucket list

Trips in May

May has been a month of chilling out and exploring more locally as I have had lots of non-travel excitement going on which I am looking forward to sharing soon. I have had some nice weekends in and I felt that I wanted to make an important point this month. Sometimes when we see others on social media going away or doing things every weekend it can be hard to be the one who is at home not doing as much.

Especially for those who have a part-time travel blog, or follow travellers on social media, it is good to remind ourselves that it is really okay not to be travelling every other weekend. I worry that in today's digital age, people can be under so much pressure to live an Instagrammable life that they may get into debt to fund travel, but this is never the right way to do things. You will know from my post how I afford to travel that I am not rich and have always worked hard to fund my trips, so it just isn't feasible to be away every month (as much as I'd love to be!).

I have to say that this month was a more quiet one, and there'll be other months in the year where I'm not leaving our region. However, I am more than okay with that as I am enjoying making the most of living in such a gorgeous area, and I am trying hard to save money for other trips! Read on to find out how a travel blogger makes the most of a month with no overseas travel involved.

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Returning home after living abroad: expat lessons

This is one of those blog posts that just came to me, randomly, as I was making myself a morning cuppa. I was thinking about how different it has been returning home after living abroad and how much I miss aspects of expat life.

The blues just suddenly hit me recently like a ton of bricks. I'm talking holiday blues-type feelings but much stronger. You may remember I wrote this post about reverse culture shock 6 months ago when I was still in the honeymoon period of returning home, but things have settled down quite a bit now and everything feels more normal again.

I forced myself to sit down this morning and really think about why I missed living abroad so much, as there are so many things I don't miss about Singapore... the lack of a breeze, being miles away from family, the fact you need to re-mortgage to be able to afford a pint of milk, I could go on...

Read my previous post: the real truth about being an expat in Singapore and you'll get an idea of what it's like.