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Best restaurants in Seminyak, Bali

Best restaurants in Seminyak: Sardine

Living abroad has made me realise how much I actually appreciate really well done, home-comfort style food. Seminyak was literally foodie heaven as all I wanted to do was eat all the food I have missed! Here is my tried and tested list of the best restaurants in Seminyak, in fact probably the best places to eat for your holiday in Bali... we didn't have a bad meal in a week so it was tough to narrow it down! I should caveat this by saying I normally love local food, but by this point of our travels round Asia I was ready for really good quality, non-local meals, so read on if you're looking for this kind of food for your trip to Seminyak!

1. Motel Mexicola

This was the first restaurant we tried in Seminyak and we were so excited to finally get there after seeing it all over Instagram! Believe me it was well worth the wait. Everything on the menu sounds amazing and we couldn't decide so went for the 'feed me' set menu. It was fun not knowing what was going to come out next and we got so many different courses. The highlights had to be their nachos with the best guacamole I've ever tried and the fish tacos.

It's a very fun, busy place with loud music and a party atmosphere. You can be seated on sharing tables so might not be for everyone but if you are looking for a lively place with fantastic food it is perfect! It also helps that it is very photogenic - just have a quick look on Instagram to see it for yourself. I was so absorbed in the amazing food that I didn't even snap one picture!

2. Shelter

This is a little randomly located but it is totally worth visiting for a lovely breakfast. I would say it is definitely the best restaurant for breakfast in Seminyak, if not all of Bali!

I had a smoothie bowl from their sister company 'Nalu bowls' downstairs and it was amazing although very sweet! The hot egg-based breakfasts also looked delicious and the coffee was lovely and strong. Hands down our favourite breakfast cafe in Bali and such beautiful d├ęcor as well.

This photo makes me laugh as my friend texted me when it was shared on Instagram to say 'Wow, you really do look like you've embraced the backpacker life... are they dreadlocks?' I was fully into my Asia travels at this point and loving life!

Best restaurants in Seminyak: Shelter

3. Ultimo: Seminyak, Bali

This Italian restaurant was opposite our hotel so had to give it a go. A little more affordable than the other restaurants we visited, it was pretty authentic and really nice comfort food. We both had steaks and tiramisu for desert - all lovely and one of those easy places where you just know the food will be nice every time. It gets very busy but there's a nice bar to wait at and sip their delicious frozen margaritas! Check out their website here to see how beautiful the decor is.

4. Sea Circus: Seminyak, Bali

Another Mexican restaurant for the list but there are plenty of other options on their varied menu and they also do a good breakfast which is worth checking out if your accommodation is room only.

Sea Circus is always plastered all over Instagram so you'd be forgiven for thinking the food doesn't perhaps match the beautiful decor. This is often the problem with these 'Instagrammable' places, but fear not. The food is amazing and we had a lovely chilled meal here, trying their chicken tacos and the fish and chips. It was all beautiful and the cocktails looked amazing as well. Don't forget to snap a pic outside the colourful exterior!

Best restaurants in Seminyak: Sea Circus

5. Revolver: Seminyak, Bali

This place is tucked down a side street just off  Jalan Kalu Aya (nicknamed 'eat street' as there are so many good restaurants on it!) but is well worth a stop for coffee or a light lunch. We had salads here and they were lovely, the coffee was great quality and they do nice milkshakes as well.

It is a bit of a hidden gem as you would probably never venture down the side street if you didn't know about the place, so if less well-known restaurants are a bit of you then I'd highly recommend popping in whilst you are in Seminyak.

6. Sardine: Seminyak, Bali

If I had to choose an absolute best restaurant in Seminyak from this list it would probably be Sardine. It is a seafood restaurant with a really fresh and tasty menu. Both of the dishes we sampled were delicious and quite unusual.

My meal had a grapefruit salad with it which was so deliciously different and really complimented my white fish which was the main part of the dish.

The surroundings are stunning with a working rice field and a pond with ducks in it. The restaurant itself has been decorated so beautifully and feels very traditionally Balinese. We visited at lunch time and managed to get a table without a booking, but I can tell it would be really atmospheric at night as well and I would recommend booking a table (details here) to ensure you get your spot as it is a taxi ride away from the heart of Seminyak.

Best restaurants in Seminyak, Bali: SardineBest restaurants in Seminyak: Sardine

7. Sarong: Seminyak, Bali

We nearly missed this restaurant as we were going to eat at the hotel but I am so glad we visited on our last evening. It was very busy so I would recommend booking a table. We managed to get a seat outside which was still nice but I think indoors is best - when we go back to Bali I will make sure I book a table at this gem of an Indian restaurant..

This place serves traditional Indian food with a twist. We had an amazing naan bread stuffed with lamb to start followed by Sri Lankan apple aubergine curry which was outstanding and a beautiful butter chicken. Highly recommend this place for Indian food lovers!

8. The Avocado Factory: Canggu, Bali

This restaurant is a little bit of a cheat as it is in Canggu but is definitely worth a trip from Seminyak as it is one of the best restaurants I visited in Bali! The clue is in the name... most dishes contain avocado, and believe me it was the nicest avo' I have ever tasted. I had my first avocado smoothie here which I was unsure about but it was totally delicious - millennial or what?! Another place with gorgeous rice field surroundings, this gets a 10/10 for aesthetics as well as having a beautiful menu (and an avocado-shaped sink in the ladies - how cute!)

Best restaurants in Seminyak, Bali - avocadoBest restaurants in Seminyak: Avocado cafe, Canggu

I hope this has given those of you a good idea of what I'd consider to be the best restaurants in Seminyak, Bali. I hope to visit again soon and add to this list. Please let me know any other restaurants you have loved in Seminyak in the comments!

If you're reading this because you have a trip to Bali coming up then I am so excited for you... it remains one of the most chilled and lovely places I have ever been.

If you are planning to visit Singapore whilst you are in that part of the world, then you can read all my Singapore posts here.

Thanks for following my adventures! Melis x

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