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MacRitchie Reservoir, Singapore: Tips before you go

I visited this beautiful, green part of Singapore for the first time this month and found it a great way to get some exercise, fresh air and escape some of the Singapore humidity for the day. Here are my quick top 10 tips to note before you visit MacRitchie for a walk.

Avoid the Midday Sun

It's a really nice place to get a break from the city centre humidity, however, don't be fooled into thinking your walk will all be in the shade. The tree top walk is open to the elements as are many other parts of the walk. We visited mid afternoon and I would advise going for 2pm. The treetop walk closes at 5pm but you have until 7pm to make your way back.

Start at Venus Car Park

If you are like me and don't want a huge walk, if you get the bus to 'X' bus stop, or ask a Grab / taxi driver to drop you at Venus Car Park, you can start your walk to the treetop walk from here. It is still a good 6 km walk to get to the treetop and back and we couldn't find a shorter route so whatever paths you take be prepared for a reasonably lengthy walk.

Don't carry food

Unfortunately we had a bit of a scary incident with an angry monkey on top of the tree top walk as he wanted to get our rucksacks. Carry as little as possible, don't carry food unless you absolutely must and definitely don't eat whilst walking through the greenery!

Keep walking past the monkeys

After we had the incident with the monkey we were a little scared and I walked all the way back to the start of the tree top walk (something you're not really supposed to do!) The attendant who helped us work our way back advised us that if it happens again it is best to try and keep walking past the monkey quickly and try to ignore them. Our situation was a little more extreme as he was swiping for our faces but I definitely think this works in general. It's not somewhere to visit if you are easily scared of cheeky monkeys!

Use insect repellent

As you would imagine there are many insects living in these parts so make sure you are covered in mosquito repellent. I'd only ever recommend Deet when in Singapore as I have found citronella based sprays don't really do as much. This is my personal preference but make sure you use whatever spray works best for you.

Bring your best camera

The scenery here is amazing, some of the best in Singapore so be sure to take plenty of photos!

Use the bathroom at the start

We didn't see another toilet at all along the way so it is best to visit the toilet block near the car park just before you begin your walk. They also have water fountains to fill your bottle and make sure you stay hydrated.


Overall I had a really good day here, dodgy monkey experience aside. I hope these quick travel tips help you before visiting this gorgeous nature reserve!


  1. Looks like a really pretty place!

    1. Thanks, it's so relaxing! Some pretty intense monkeys there though..!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, it's so pretty. I will miss Singers!


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