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Where to get British food in Singapore

Now I've been an expat in Singapore for a few months I've realised how truly British I actually am! I have missed quite a few things from Blighty, so have made it my mission to pull together a useful guide on where to get British food in Singapore. 

I've covered some other home comforts as well because as much as I'm a foodie, it's not all I think about.... Fellow British expats, you're welcome!

Where to get British food in Singapore

Where to get British food in Singapore

Yorkshire tea

The Mad Sailors do a proper cup of Yorkshire tea here and if you're from the North of England like me this knowledge will make your day! I couldn't actually find anywhere to buy the tea bags... but please comment below if you know somewhere.

Fish and Chips

The Highlander at Clarke Quay does a hand battered fish and chips which, whilst not the same as home, will definitely help with those cravings. Also while you are having your proper British cuppa you could try The Mad Sailors in Haji Lane for your chippie tea. I saw their fish and chips at the weekend and it looked divine - and what is better than fish and chips washed down with a brew?!

Roast Dinner

There are two well known options to get British food in Singapore which revolves around gravy and carbs. Rabbit Carrot Gun on East Coast is a little further out but definitely worth the trip for an authentic Sunday dinner.

My fave is Oxwell and Co, on Ann Siang Hill as the food was delicious and the rooftop bar is ideal for pre or post dinner drinks. Our meal there was pricey at S$140 for one course for two people, a glass of wine and a beer, but was totally worth it to satisfy those Sunday dinner cravings.

Where to get British food in Singapore


Whilst I am cheating slightly including this in my guide of where to get British food in Singapore... if you are French and reading this then I am making no claim that it was our invention!

Yes of course cheese is readily available here but it just doesn't taste the same as the varieties we would get in the UK. I think it's down to the milk being different which I cover later on in this guide.

If you are craving proper, doorstop, home type cheddar then get onto Redmart's online delivery service - they have Cathedral city! Game changer. Just click here and thank me later! Redmart is a really good option for food shopping delivered to your home with reliable delivery slots so worth trying an order. I would highly recommend searching here for any British food you are missing as they might just have it!


Despite trying many brands we haven't found milk that tastes exactly like home but there are two brands I would recommend you try and hopefully one of these will suit your taste buds.

I prefer one and my partner prefers the other so I think it's worth trying both and deciding for yourself. Meiji is a Japanese brand with a number of varieties available. We normally buy this one:

Where to get British food in Singapore

The other brand we tend to buy is Marigold as I find this tastes a little more close to home milk when I have it in my tea. The one we get looks like this:

Where to get British food in Singapore

A good pie

Thanks to one of my best expat friends I found out about ABC in Asia Square. Amazing pies that will give you a taste of home in no time. Molly Malone's at Boat Quay also does a cracking shepherd's pie that will fill a hole on a rainy Singapore day. Clark Quay and Boat Quay in general are good places to get British food in Singapore as they are quite touristy and definitely cater to a non- Asian market.

Where to get other British Home Comforts in Singapore

British Clothes Shopping

I love the clothes here and find some items really quirky and different. However, sometimes you have an event to go to or a holiday to shop for and you just want some easy clothes that you know will fit! Fear not, both Next and ASOS offer free delivery and returns to Singapore! Something I found out early on and really helped me with my recent holiday shopping.

British weather

You might find yourself genuinely craving the cooler British weather. Unfortunately you can't find that here but you can find cooler temperatures and a breeze at MacRitchie Reservoir - a perfect spot for a weekend walk. Read my tips before you visit here. If you are really missing home comforts and fancy a cool, green, relaxing weekend break then I would highly recommend the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. Easily reached by plane or bus, read my full guide to a weekend break, coming soon.

Where to get British food in Singapore

I hope this helps you with where to get British food in Singapore as well as the other home comforts you are likely to be missing. I'm just off to complain about the weather and queue for a while...


  1. Funny all the things I take for granted every day that you miss ... Ringtons Ginger Snaps, I'm sure you must miss those!

    1. I haven't tried them! *adding to top of list for when I get back* they sound lovely though and can't go wrong with a bit of Ringtons. Singapore is probably the most western country in Asia as you'll know from visiting, but still hard to find British food! I will be in my element in September.. already planned a week of eating everything haha!

  2. I love that you included pies and Yorkshire tea, written like a true Northerner! How odd that milk tastes different across the globe though! I'll blame the grass.

    Lyd from WhatLydDid

    1. Haha absolutely - how could I ever miss out the two best food / drinks!

      I think you're right, it must be something to do with what the cows are eating. It's safe to say I've been hammering the Yorkshire teas since I moved back! M x


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