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Thoughtful and romantic Valentine's gift ideas

Various romantic and thoughtful gifts

Some products in this guide were provided as press samples to me, they are marked with an asterix.

It's that time of year people love - or love to hate. The one and only Valentine's Day! According to my 100% legitimate source (Wiki), around half the UK population buy gifts for their Valentine and £1.3bn is spent annually on gifts. I have always liked this time of year. To me it's an excuse to spoil someone you love, spoil yourself, or both. (I have definitely done a bit of both this year!)

With just under a week to go you might be struggling for ideas, especially for that person who has everything. Read on for my range of gift ideas from the slightly more pricey to the very affordable. What these gifts all have in common is that they are very thoughtful and romantic, none of your standard roses or boxes of chocolates here.

If you want to think out of the box a little and need some inspiration then you are in the right place. The very last gift is what I have actually bought (well, made) for my loved one this year, except he doesn't know it yet, so let's hope he doesn't read this post...

Thoughtful and romantic Valentine's jewellery gifts

By Biehl Love Letter Necklace*

Yes I know, I can hear you saying jewellery is such a Valentine's cliche! It really doesn't have to be though. Just putting some thought into your selection and buying a personalised item, such as this By Biehl personalised Love Letter necklace is bound to make your loved one smile. 

Coming in at just £29 it is a very affordable gift, but what makes it extra thoughtful is the touch of personalisation as you can select your partner's initial.

Romantic Valentines gift idea - necklace

Nude Rings Necklace*

If you have a little more to spend I cannot recommend this stunning Vanilla Links silver pendant from Nude enough. This necklace is £110, with free delivery on orders over £100. 

I was speechless when this arrived, it is such good quality and I think it makes a beautiful Valentine's gift as it reminds me of a couple spooning! It is so lovely and I know I will wear it all the time. I really like abstract pieces which have a thoughtful message but in a subtle way. This delicate and stunning piece really ticks that box.

When I was browsing the Nude website, I was so excited to see that they also create unique, handmade engagement rings . They are definitely worth a browse if you are looking for that very special ring but haven't quite found the right style on the high street!

Thoughtful and romantic Valentine's necklace gift

Thoughtful and romantic Valentine's gifts for technology lovers

CaseApp phone cases*

I was very excited to work with CaseApp for this post as my old iPhone case had seriously seen better days. I really needed something of better quality (but affordable of course) and I wanted to reflect my personality as well since it's probably the object which I am seen with the most.

I selected three cases to share with you all, but I can't stress just how many options there are on CaseApp's website. I decided to select two cases that were quite different: the lemon design is more for summer and I thought the flowery design would be good all year round. They are even more beautiful in real life than I expected!

Phone cases - thoughtful, romantic Valentine's gift

I also made my own personalised phone case and added extra strength protection. This was £22 which for me is an absolute bargain when you see the quality.

A personalised phone case with your favourite shots of the two of you is such a romantic gift idea for Valentine's day. You have total freedom to design your case however you like but there are templates on the site to help out, and you can add text if you like. I really enjoyed selecting my favourite travel photos from all the places we visited in 2018, and I love the final result.

The kind folks at CaseApp have given me a 20% off code for you all which is valid until February 14th, 2019: just enter 20MELIS at the checkout to get your discount.

Personalised phone case - Valentine's gift

Thoughtful gifts for the gamer in your life*

Maybe it is a push calling this one romantic... but for me, anything which blocks out the gun noises from Red Dead Dedemption on the X Box is guaranteed to make for a more romantic atmosphere any day! I was over the moon to receive this item. 

It is one of those 'here is a gift for you darling, but it is really for me' kinda presents. They are really good at noise cancellation and so affordable at £19.99 - I am impressed.

The TX-40 in white/red is available at Argos for £24.99, and the TX-30 in red (pictured below) is available at Argos for £19.99.

Thoughtful Valentine's gift - gaming headphones

Personalised, thoughtful and very romantic Valentine's gift ideas

Train ticket key ring from Not on the High Street

This was a gift for me at Christmas from my other half and I thought it was so sweet I had to share it here as a gorgeous idea for Valentine's day. I know most of my readers are avid travellers, and what better gift for those who travel than a personalised train ticket keyring

The key ring is really good quality and came in a nice little box as well. It costs £14 with free delivery, which I think is quite good for such a thoughtful, romantic, personalised gift. I will forever love Not on the High Street for listing gorgeous products like this one.

Train ticket thoughtful and romantic gift idea for Valentine's

A thoughtful and (I think) romantic Valentine's gift idea for those on a very tight budget

My other half has a bit of a thing for a A Star is Born.. and I am SO excited with the surprise Valentine's evening I have planned. We are going to a drive-in cinema to see the film, he has no idea, and I am just smiling to myself every day as he plays 'Shallow' yet again for the billionth time. 

I wanted to get him a small themed present to mark the occasion. I had a look online but now that I am a bit of a dab hand with Canva, I thought why not make something myself? This was SO easy. I just used a template on the Canva website and typed in my lyrics. I bought some nice cream paper from WH Smith for about £2 for 5 sheets. The frame was also from WH Smith and came in at £2.74 in the half-price sale.

You could literally make a print anything you wanted in Canva for free, whether it's favourite song lyrics, place names which mean something to you, anything really. Just have a look online for inspiration to see prints for sale and have a play to recreate something yourself.

Thoughtful, romantic Valentine's Gift - lyrics print

I hope this guide has given you some inspiration for your very own thoughtful and romantic Valentine's gift ideas. I have tried to cover a range of budgets and hopefully there is something in here which would suit your loved one this Valentine's Day!


  1. Oh my gosh!! These products are so pretty. I'm definitely going to be having a browse of those phone cases also as I've just got a new phone and the clumpy black one I've got is just not sitting right with me!

    I will definitely let you know if I end up purchasing something!

    1. Thanks lovely. I’m genuinely so chuffed with mine and had been thinking of buying one anyway before working with the brand! The quality is fab... the only problem is choosing a design if you don’t want to do your own, as there are so many options! Don’t forget to use the discount code if you decide to order one :)

  2. Noise cancelling headphones are just the best - Simon and I both have them to drown each other out!

    Your Valentines present idea is just the cutest - I'm obsessed with the film too and I'm really hoping that Simon's got me the DVD for Valentines ... I've bought him lego, cos that's what he wanted!

    1. Thanks Chloe, it is a really good film so I can't complain about going! Can't wait for later :) he still doesn't know.. I think it is the first time I have ever managed to keep a secret!

  3. The CaseApp cases, yes please, I love the lemons print, so cute!
    Happy Saturday!


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