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April trips and bucket list

I haven't ever written a round-up post before as last year I was always busy travelling around. Now that things have ~ v e r y ~ much settled down and I'm not travelling every week I thought I'd write a little summary of April. These are the places I have been to over the last month and those which are currently on my never-ending travel bucket list. This is the kind of post I love reading to inspire my own day trips and holidays, so hopefully you will too!

As someone who searches on Sky Scanner every single day, the second part of this post is never going to be a struggle to pull together. So without further ado, here are my trips and tips for April.
The places I have loved visiting this month and those which are massively on my must-visit list right now. It's been a quiet month with no abroad travel, but after my recent trips to Copenhagen and Istanbul I have really enjoyed spending time closer to home. My key takeaway from this month is that you really don't need to leave the country to see some gorgeous sights and unwind!

Trips in April

Centre Parcs - Sherwood Forest

April was a quiet month on the travel front as we are currently squirrelling away all our pennies to move house. However, my auntie turned 50 last month so a few of the family went to Centre Parcs Sherwood Forest to celebrate.

What a weekend! If you enjoy nature and various activities then Centre Parcs is the UK break for you. We had a good laugh at the swimming pool being big kids on the slides and a nice evening bowling with the family. We had lots of good walks and food and generally just enjoyed each other's company.

The highlight for me had to be my first ever visit to the Aqua Sana spa. I didn't get any pics as it explicitly said no phones, but you just need to check the site here to see how fabulous it is. I think it has shot straight up to my number one spa destination in the UK!

I have since written a whole post about how I found the experience of Centre Parcs without children, and whether it was worth it!

Day trips in April

Alnwick Garden

I had a long weekend staying at home in Newcastle last month and what a great weekend it was. We were treated to some very rare gorgeous English bank holiday weather which puts everyone in such a good mood. Good Friday was beautiful so we packed up a delicious picnic, courtesy of Aldi, and drove up to Alnwick Garden to catch the cherry blossom whilst it was still in bloom. 

This was one of those sights that made me realise you really don't have to travel far from our region to see outstanding natural beauty! I highly recommend a visit when the blossom is back next year, you can watch a live video on Alnwick Garden's website when it becomes available close to April, to check when the blossom is in bloom.


On our way home from Alnwick the weather was still glorious so we decided to have a wander and some fish and chips in Amble on the Northumberland coast. It was only my second visit to Amble but I would go back again and again as it is a really chilled place and perfect for a sunny day.

We visited the Fish Shack for our chippy tea and it was so good. They weren't traditional chip shop style chips which I know puts some people off but I really liked them.

I definitely need to spend more time in Amble in future as it really is pretty. As well as a long and beautiful coast line to meander along there is a gorgeous, highly photogenic, lighthouse. Further into the town there are independent shops set in little beach huts and a nice market on Sundays which is worth a wander round. Amble makes a great base to stay for a weekend exploring Northumberland as well.


On another beautiful day over the long weekend we had a chilled day out visiting the coast. It was my first time trying The View for food which was a really lovely experience. We had our meal in their outdoor area and found it really chilled with nice beach views. I know people flock to The View for fish and chips but their parmo and pizza were really nice as well so I'd recommend trying their other options for a change.

We followed our lunch with a nice walk along the beach but it really wasn't that hot. The beach was packed with people fully sunbathing, men with tops off, and people in the sea, but they must have been freezing. I love how us brits go mad for it as soon as the sun shines!

My current bucket list

My travel bucket list is full to the brim at the moment! I feel like I could book a trip for every weekend of the year but I am trying my best to rein it in. 

Venice and Malta

I am so excited to say that last week I finally got our summer holiday booked to Venice and Malta. We were originally going to just visit Malta for a week, after hearing good things about the destination and finding that it's one of a limited number of affordable and direct flight destinations from Newcastle.

However, I am always looking out for travel bargains where I can, which is why Venice randomly got added to the trip. We are in Edinburgh in June for the Spice Girls, so I thought I'd check where Edinburgh flies to directly to see if there was anywhere to add on our trip and save the return train fare to Newcastle. Turns out I could get flights from Edinburgh -> Venice -> Malta -> Newcastle for not much more than return flights from Newcastle to Malta, so I went for it!

After asking the kind folk of Twitter if one day is enough to see Venice (100% of people said yes) I went ahead and quickly booked the flights through Easyjet and Ryanair. Always worth checking if you can fly into one airport and out of another to save a bit of money and see somewhere different. Bring on June to see two new destinations!

Stock photo by Artur Roman from Canva

Northern Ireland

I have had this one on my list for a while, but despite it not being very far away I just haven't got round to getting it booked. It's a gorgeous drive up to Scotland to get the ferry over to Northern Ireland, and I really fancy the Titanic museum which is near the ferry terminal. Northern Ireland looks so picturesque and there are a few spots I'd like to see, so having the car would be perfect.

Maybe one to book for next summer?

Photo by Ben_Kerckx from Canva

I hope you've enjoyed this little summary of my 'travels' for April and the places I have on my list at the moment. It's a little different from my usual content but hopefully might inspire you to book something new for yourself! Thanks for following my adventures. Melis x


  1. Great post. I always love being inspired. Sherwood Forest is a beautiful place to visit although I haven't been to the Centre Parcs for more than 15 years!
    I've never thought about doing the trip up to Scotland and catching the ferry over to Northern Ireland but now I'm moving to Toon it sounds like a good idea, thanks for the suggestion!

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! It's really easy to do from here, I hope I can do it this summer :) best of luck with your move to Newcastle. Melis x

  2. Tynemouth always makes for a great day. I feel like I'm about the only person in the world who doesn't get excited by Venice. I see it as the most over-rated destination in the world.

    1. I just like to see popular places so I know what everyone is talking about, I am excited to see it for a day even if it's overrated at least I will have something to moan about ha! Melis

  3. So many beautiful pictures! Simon and I went away to Centre Parcs a few years ago and it was our favourite holiday, we still talk about it now! We had perfect weather and spent the whole long weekend riding about on our bikes like big kids - we spent abut 3 hours just sitting in a bird hide watching red squirrels - bliss! Definitely want to go back and I'd love to try out the spa!

    We almost went to Amble today but ended up in Druridge Bay, Alnmouth and Bamburgh instead, we're just so spoilt along the coast so many great places to stop off at! We always plan to do more but get so distracted in each place we end up losing the day too fast!

    OMG I love your Edinburgh travel plan, such a great idea!

    1. Thanks lovely! Aww did you, it is a nice active weekend as it kinda forces you to do more than sit about relaxing. I love seeing all the animals and birds etc, so many cuties coming up to your villa for a nosy. I have never been to Druridge bay, definitely need to make the effort to try and visit this summer. So many places and so little time! That's how I feel anyway. Thanks, I am excited to see a couple of new destinations :) x

  4. I have Venice on my bucket list, everyone says how different it is to anywhere else they have been. Bucket lists are a great way to inspire you to travel and explore some new countries. Lovely blog post x


    1. Yes I am very excited to visit for the first time next month and I will definitely be sharing my thoughts on the blog! Thank you very much. Melis

  5. It sounds (and looks) like you had a good April. Lovely photos (and I'm hungry now!).

    1. Thanks Nikki-Ann, it was a great month! Can't believe we are nearly at the end of May now... time really flies. Thanks for reading, Melis

  6. Sounds like you had a great month, I too love Amble but haven't visited in ages. x

    1. Ahh thank you, we are spoilt in our region with things to see so I find even the places I love I don't go to often as I am busy doing other things! Writing a monthly round-up is a good way to make me want to do more each month and explore our local area. Thanks for reading, Melis


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