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May trips and bucket list

Trips in May

May has been a month of chilling out and exploring more locally as I have had lots of non-travel excitement going on which I am looking forward to sharing soon. I have had some nice weekends in and I felt that I wanted to make an important point this month. Sometimes when we see others on social media going away or doing things every weekend it can be hard to be the one who is at home not doing as much.

Especially for those who have a part-time travel blog, or follow travellers on social media, it is good to remind ourselves that it is really okay not to be travelling every other weekend. I worry that in today's digital age, people can be under so much pressure to live an Instagrammable life that they may get into debt to fund travel, but this is never the right way to do things. You will know from my post how I afford to travel that I am not rich and have always worked hard to fund my trips, so it just isn't feasible to be away every month (as much as I'd love to be!).

I have to say that this month was a more quiet one, and there'll be other months in the year where I'm not leaving our region. However, I am more than okay with that as I am enjoying making the most of living in such a gorgeous area, and I am trying hard to save money for other trips! Read on to find out how a travel blogger makes the most of a month with no overseas travel involved.

Sleights, North Yorkshire

It was my mum's 60th in May and to celebrate the family went to Sleights in North Yorkshire for a long weekend break in a beautiful cottage. It is so important to try and have this quality time away with family with no other distractions, and I absolutely loved it! It's only about 30 minutes away from where my mum lives but I felt like we were miles away.

We laughed a lot, cosied up with the log burner in our cosy living room and got plenty of dog cuddles (it was amazing having the dog's company all weekend and reinforced my dog broodiness!) Sleights is not far from some gorgeous places: Whitby, Pickering and Robin Hood's Bay to name a few. There is literally not much in the village though other than one pub and a fish and chip shop, which really suited us as we wanted to absolutely chill and enjoy each other's company. When we did venture out of our homely surroundings it was for a very good reason...

Pullman dining train from Grosmont to Pickering

My mum knew straight away how she wanted to celebrate the big 6-0 and that was dining on the Pullman train between Grosmont and Pickering. This is run by North Yorkshire Moors Railway, a not for profit organisation who aim to keep the magic of steam train travel alive. 

Arriving at Grosmont train station is like stepping back in time and we loved it. As the train arrived I was really excited but also trying not to get my hopes up as I couldn't work out how they would be able to serve a proper Sunday roast on the train. I didn't need to be nervous at all, we had an absolutely delicious three course meal and enjoyed breathtaking views of the North Yorkshire countryside on our way to and from Pickering. 

I felt like I was in a Harry Potter film and totally expected an owl to be carried through the train at any moment! This was our second time enjoying an amazing day on the Pullman steam train, and I know if will definitely not be our last.

To read more about the dining experiences available and book for yourself you can check the website here. There are a number of different options including afternoon tea and even murder mystery experiences. I am sure that whatever option you go for you will have a lovely day out for all the family. A huge shout-out to the amazing volunteer staff who looked after us on our journey and told us great facts about the area!

Local days in May

Living North Fair

May was definitely a month of doing more in our local region as we are saving for our little European break to Venice and Malta in June. We went to the Living North Fair at Newcastle Racecourse for the first time in May and would recommend this for next year. 

There was a huge arts and crafts section which was great for gifts. There was a home / lifestyle section which, being honest, was quite disappointing and we were feeling a bit deflated before we noticed there were two huge food marquees! They were the total highlight of the fair and I had such a lovely time exploring the different stalls. 

I tried a vast array of cheeses, olives, bread, wine, gin and countless other delicacies and left with a gorgeous Poetic Licence gin set and some Kin toffee vodka from the Lake District (unbelievably delicious and you need to pick this up if you ever see it on sale)!

A visit home

For those who don't know, I am from Teesside even though I have lived in Newcastle for around 14 years. I had a trip back home over the bank holiday weekend to spend some quiet time with family and a well needed catch-up with the girls I have known since I started primary school. If you live within an hour or two of Saltburn, where my mum lives, then I would recommend a visit.

We had dinner at my favourite Thai restaurant, Coco and Rum which is in Saltburn with ample parking outside.  I've never actually blogged about the area as it's one of those things where you take for granted where you grew up. I intend to sort that out and write a full blog post guide soon! In the meantime, check out one of my favourite local bloggers, New Girl In Toon with her great guide to spending a day in Saltburn.

Cake, cake and more cake!

I'm not sure what it was about May but suddenly I was craving sweet treats a lot more. We went to two epic places in Newcastle which had such delicious baked goods - definitely worth checking out if you come to Newcastle for a day trip.

Great British Cupcakery

There is a reason this place is packed every single day. It is an Instagrammer's dream and rivals Peggy Porschen in London: think beautiful window displays, predominantly decked out in millennial pink and constantly updated. Don't worry though, the cakes live up to the beautiful surroundings! 

We couldn't resist and had four cakes between two. Every single one was delicious but the highlight had to be the Nutella cheesecake, bottom left in the photo below. It has whole hazelnuts placed throughout the thick, chocolatey topping, and somehow wasn't sickly at all despite being packed with Nutella.

Mason and Rye, Fenwick

If you are shopping until you drop in Newcastle city centre, then I'd thoroughly recommend a quick cuppa and cake break at Mason and Rye. You will find this small cafe situated in the heavenly food court in Fenwick (somewhere I will shop every day when I become a 'proper adult'... your guess is as good as mine about when that will be!)

The brownie was next-level amazing. Gooey, rich, chocolatey heaven. Please do me a favour and try one if you pass by as I'd love to make your day as amazing as mine was the first time I tried this!

My current bucket list

Another month, another 31 days of browsing 'Newcastle to everywhere' on Skycanner. Despite our trip to Venice and Malta being next week, I am always on the lookout for other destinations and we are yet to plan a big holiday for next year.


Las Vegas

My other half has been to Vegas three times and I am yet to visit myself. It has always been vaguely on my list but I was desperate to see Asia first. Now that we have seen that part of the world my attention has shifted towards America, and I am really keen to see why he loves it so much!

I would love to do the typical road trip to see Los Angeles, Yosemite and San Francisco as well so fingers crossed this could be our main holiday for 2020. My partner's step dad turns 60 so a family Vegas trip sounds like it could be the ideal way to celebrate.

Photo by Pixabay from Canva

Disney World Florida

I can't actually believe this place has made it onto my list but for some reason I am constantly thinking about a Disney World break at the moment! For someone who doesn't like scary roller coasters, it is a bit bizarre, but ever since I discovered Sophie and Dave on YouTube in May I have been dreaming of seeing that Magic Castle for myself. If you love Disney vlogs then I would recommend these two as they never fail to put a smile on my face.

I hope you've enjoyed this little summary of my 'travels' for May and the places I have on my list at the moment. This month's round-up feels a little brief but I've had a lot on this month including securing a brand new job. I can't wait to toast to this new chapter in Venice and Malta, so keep a lookout on my Instagram for lots of photos of these two destinations: both a first for me and I really cannot wait. 

Thanks for following my adventures. Melis x


  1. Ahhh you've had so many lovely adventures this month!

    We almost planned a trip to Vegas and San Fran this year but in the end went for New York instead, not sure when we'll get to Vegas now - we somehow ended up chatting three year travel plans over the weekend and I'm not sure we'll fit in Vegas for a while!

    1. Thanks Chloe. I seemed to eat out tonnes judging by my camera roll - I didn't get into that on the post but I seem to have got more addicted to food this month ha! Ahh New York is amazing, still probably the best place I have been and we are toying with going back later in the year if we have any money left. I think the good thing about Vegas is that you can go at any age really so no rush, I think it's got something for everyone! x

  2. It sounds like you had a lovely few days away celebrating your mams birthday. I spend every single day searching for holidays I can't afford lol x

    1. Haha that is me. I love just looking at the possibilities of places I could be visiting! Hopefully you will find a cracking late deal for your honeymoon. Melis x

  3. You are too cute Melis! You're time in Yorkshire sounded perfect and you are right, that train is super Harry Potter!

    1. Thanks Nyomi, so kind! It was really lovely - a great family experience.

  4. Sounds like a brilliant month with some great experiences!! We love Disney world but it’s just so pricey!!

    1. Thanks Catherine, yes exactly I don't know if I can bring myself to spend that much! Maybe Disneyland Paris is best to go to first... :) Melis x

  5. Sounds like a great month, even without travel overseas! Lots of family time and good food is always a recipe for a great time.

    If you decide on a Californian roadtrip let me know - we did LA to SF in 2016!


    1. Thanks Victoria, that's exactly the trip we'd be looking at so I will definitely ask you for your tips if it goes ahead :) Thanks, Melis x

  6. What a great roundup post! The steam train experience sounds so fab. You've also reminded me I have a voucher for this too. I'm also heading to Disney soon, I hope you make it there! :)

    1. Thanks Kirstin, hope you've had a fab time in Disney!

  7. It sounds and looks like you've had a wonderful time! We had a short trip on the 'Clun Castle' steam train from Wellington to Ironbridge called "The Last Steam Train to Ironbridge". Many people came out to see the train along the route.

    1. That sounds lovely, I really enjoyed the people watching us as well, makes you feel important doesn't it! Thank you :) Melis


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