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June Trips and Bucket List

Well hello there strangers! I will start off by saying sorry for the massive silence on the blog, I guess it's a double-edged sword as it's great to have lots going on to write about but that inevitably means no time to write. Better late than never, I thought I'd carry on with my new tradition of monthly round-ups and fill you in on everything that happened in June.

Trips in June

June has been an absolutely brilliant month for travel. I have managed to tick off two new destinations, one which has been on my bucket list for a very long time, and also got the chance to re-visit one of my favourite UK cities.

I booked three destinations this month without really planning to. We had decided to visit Malta this year as we have been saving money towards a house purchase and Malta is a fairly affordable destination. We also had tickets booked for the Spice Girls in Edinburgh, so I thought I'd have a look at anywhere we could turn into a 'stopover' from Edinburgh to Malta. There is such a great range of direct flights from Edinburgh compared to Newcastle airport and I had a few lovely destinations to choose from.

After spending even longer than my usual daily allowance on Skyscanner, I eventually worked out that we could add two nights in Venice to our trip without upping the cost too much! As somewhere I have wanted to see for years, this was a very exciting addition. A full blog post will be coming soon with full details of how I planned the trip and kept to a strict budget, but for now... here is a little summary of what I got up to in June.


I was so happy to be able to re-visit one of my favourite cities, beautiful Edinburgh. I've been going to Edinburgh since I was young with my mum and I can't ever recall a visit which I didn't love. If you're reading this and you've never been then I can't emphasise enough that you should book a trip!

We visited the castle, which never gets old for me. This time was really special as it was Prince Philip's birthday and there were canons and a brass band to celebrate.I really loved the sense of occasion and felt so proud of the UK.

I ticked off a first on this trip to Edinburgh: climbing up Arthur's Seat to see the amazing city views. Luckily it was a beautiful, sunny day and we truly saw the best of the city. I am not usually someone who is active when I'm on trips away, but this was probably one of the best days I've ever had so I will certainly be doing more walking on holidays going forward!

Just look at those beautiful views - well worth it. Thank you to the stranger's dog who made a great model for this shot! As someone who isn't particularly fit, I found the hike up Arthur's Seat to be reasonable and definitely worth it, but make sure you have appropriate footwear as it is quite rocky as you get near the top.

Now onto the reason we were in Edinburgh to start with. The Spice Girls were truly excellent and brought back 'all the feels' from the last time I saw them, aged 10! The BT Murrayfield Stadium was a fantastic venue and I'd highly recommend fellow Geordies making the trip to see their next gig up there. I found the crowd really nice to be around, less drunken idiots and more chilled music fans.

Thanks Edinburgh for yet another brilliant weekend break! I have lots of ideas for Edinburgh blog posts, especially how we managed to visit on a budget so look out for more of that soon. I am already planning our next visit in September to try dinner at Witchery at the Castle, a total bucket list restaurant for me.


After the most amazing time in Edinburgh we were truly happy, relaxed and ready to explore Venice. I was a little bit nervous about whether it would live up to expectations as I'd been warned about the crowds, the smell, the cost and overall heard mixed reviews about it.

I feel like I am always saying I love places, but I really truly loved Venice! It was everything I imagined and more. I'd highly recommend it for a mini-moon after a wedding as it was like being in a romantic bubble with a lovely, relaxed vibe. We really didn't do that much and our full day in Venice basically went something like this: wander, drink prosecco, eat chichetti (Italian tapas), repeat. Can you think of a better summer's day?

My camera is bursting with photos and I cannot wait to share more of our precious 36 hours in this absolutely unmissable place.


Last but not least, it was time to jet off to our final destination of the June trip: the sunny island of Malta. We were feeling quite tired from a busy few days in Edinburgh and Venice, so we really looked forward to this leg of the trip which was all about chilling out. Our hotel was really secluded and had a nice pool which we took advantage of.

Malta was definitely a grower! At first when I saw Sliema and St Julian's, with construction all around the bay and a plethora of British style restaurants, I really wasn't sure. However as time went on I began to fall for this charming island and realised there is more to it than you might think without exploring outside of your resort town.

I am so glad we made the trip to Valletta, and the Mdina, which were utterly breathtaking and made for some stunning photos which I can't wait to share in a full, dedicated Malta blog post. I have lots of money saving tips to share from our trip and highly recommend it for a sunny break on a budget.

Malta was a gorgeous, relaxing end to our trip and left us feeling chilled out and ready to head home. I learnt on this trip that whilst I truly love 'travelling' and seeing culture and history, it's totally fine to say that chilled home comforts can be nice too!

Big News from June

We bought a house!

Avid readers may have noticed things have been a little quiet on the blog and Instagram for the last month or so, but for a very good reason. June 2019 was the month my partner and I bought our very own home! I have owned my flat on the Quayside for 9 years but with that and previous rental flats, I have actually not lived in a house since I was 18. So it feels very exciting and quite surreal to have so much space and finally have a lovely garden to sit in!

It's not all sunshine and flowers though: buying house is one of the most stressful experiences I've ever had. We didn't get contracts exchanged until the day of moving, so we were all packed up awaiting our non-refundable moving van with the agent saying it may not happen that day. But it did, and I am so grateful.

We ended June with a Chinese takeaway on the floor, feeling very lucky and happy. Everything I wrote about in my post about what home means to me feels very true at the moment and I look forward to sharing our journey with refurbishing our home to a luxury standard on a budget!

My current bucket list

I must say with the house move and holiday this month, I have really calmed down on the Skyscanner front. However, I clearly haven't lost the travel bug and we are currently deciding whether we can justify a cheeky trip in December...

New York

It is 10 years this year since I visited New York (clearly I have invested in a better camera since then). My partner also visited around the same time as me, so we'd ideally love to re-visit together now. 30+ countries later it still remains one of the best places I have ever visited and I would absolutely love to head back! If anyone sees any good flight deals, please send them my way...


Since New York is quite pricey and sensible me is saying, 'You just bought a house! That flight cost is a new carpet!' I have also been looking into Prague as a possible December trip. I really haven't seen much of Europe and constantly hear great things about Prague, especially around Christmas time. If anyone has been could you let me know what you think?

I hope you enjoyed this quick post about my adventures and dreams fron June, just a casual two weeks late! Hopefully when the house is looking a little more finished and I am not surrounded by bags of plaster the regular weekly posts can re-commence. Thanks for following my adventures as always. Melis x


  1. After seeing Prague on Spider-Man yesterday (very random!), I wanna go too! Looks fab x

    1. Ah wow sounds good! It always gets such rave reviews especially for a Christmas trip. We will see :)

  2. How exciting you have got a new house, I hope you are both very happy there. Venice is top of my travel bucket list and I hope we get to visit soon, we haven't had a mini-moon yet (due to husband not getting time off work) so I might look into Venice for when he is off. Malta looks beautiful too and is not somewhere I had thought of visiting before x

    1. Thanks so much, it feels like a surreal bubble, I love it! Venice would be such a romantic break, definitely worth looking into. Malta is so good for budget travel, it would be my go-to in future if I was looking for an affordable sunny break! x

  3. I really need to see more of Europe but we always seem to be saving for something or paying things off! So so glad we've finally got a New York trip booked .. that's been many many years in the planning!

    1. Yes NYC is still probably the best place I have ever seen - you're going to love it! Excited for you :)

  4. Oh wow that's a nifty bit of travelling you did! And congrats on buying a house!! <3

    The Quirky Queer

  5. Ahhhh I loved reading this! Venice is the place I long to see. I nearly got there in April, but life had other plans. Prague. You must go! I went last year for the first time, and it was everything and more. (Not plugging but I do have a couple of posts on the blog, might hep you) December is ridiculously busy, but beautiful. I am a million percent sure you would love it

    1. Thanks so much, I am really glad you enjoyed it. It's so good in Venice, feels like being on a film set (in a good way). Thanks so much I will check your posts out! :) x


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