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Moving house budget tips and tricks

Getting keys to new home on a budget

If you read my post all about what I got up to in June, you'll know that I've just bought a house! Exciting times, but expensive times as well. I read a couple of moving house blog posts and check lists before moving, but now I've done it (for the second time) I feel like I've got a few extra easy budget tips up my sleeve to help those who are also planning a house move.

Whilst moving home is never going to be cheap, you have probably saved long and hard to get to the point of putting an offer in on a property so every little helps to build that bank balance back up.

If you love reading money saving tips, then check my most read post: how I afford to travel as all of my day-to-day budget tips can help you cut back whatever you are saving for!

Moving house - budget tips and tricks

Budget tips in the lead up to moving house

As soon as you find your dream home there is so much you can do to start saving money so let's start with tips and tricks for the build up to moving day.

Sell anything and everything

I'd say my budget mode started as early as 2-3 months before we actually had a set moving date. If you haven't had a recent de-clutter then this is the best time to do it, as less possessions = less boxes to move. Something you will really appreciate on your 17,000th trip from the car to the house on moving day!

I had a huge eBay session, selling clothes, knick-knacks and electronics that I didn't need but had decent monetary value. I also gave bags upon bags of clothes to the charity shop. After my style makeover last year I know exactly what suits me so this really helped with the clear out.

I made approximately £300 from this massive clear out session which paid for our moving van more than twice over. So worth it and really helped towards the moving house budget!

Moving house tips - dont buy impulse purchases

Finish all your food

I actually really enjoyed this challenge! I decided there was no point carrying food from one place to another so decided to use up every single food item before we left and I just about managed it. We had some weird and wonderful meals but it really made me appreciate everything and our shopping bills were very low leading up to our move date. It felt great starting again in the new place without random leftovers lurking in the freezer as well.

Try to resist home purchases

It is so exciting when you finally find a place to move to and it's very tempting to start splashing your cash in all your favourite homeware stores. I learnt from my last move that the items you buy on impulse that you think will suit the new place may not be right. It's always best to settle in first and then pick colours, furniture and other items once you get a real feel for the house. 

Even paint colours which seem a good idea when you first move can end up being something you regret later down the line, so whilst it's good to use Pinterest in the buildup to moving day, try to resist making any decisions or purchases which will dent your house budget.

Save up boxes or borrow them from friends

We bought some packing boxes from Ebay but they actually weren't very strong at all, despite good reviews. We found that leftover boxes from online purchases in the past were much stronger and more useful, so if you can save as many of these in the lead up to moving then this is a great idea to save money. Friends and family may also have boxes you can borrow, or ask at your local supermarket.

Budget tips on your moving day

Whilst it can be tempting to splash the cash to make a stressful day a little easier, there are ways to save money and stash your cash for important things, like pretty candles and plants (just me?)

Moving house tips - dont need a van

Do you have to get a van to move house?

On this occasion we did use a moving van, mainly because I found a pretty good deal on Any Van (not an affiliate link, but I get a bottle of champagne for every booking using the link - you'll get your own link to pass onto friends if you use them!)

I was going to recommend this service before I realised they had given me that link anyway as I found it great value. We paid £120 to move from our two bedroom flat to a house which  I thought was a good price to save the stress. We opted for one person which was cheaper than two and fine for us. However, on the day two guys turned up and announced they were '2 for 1' which was great! We got everything moved over in less than an hour.

We had quite a bit of furniture after 9 years in the flat but I would say an easy way to save money on your move is to avoid using a van unless you really need to. If you're not taking much furniture then a car should be fine, especially if you draft some mates in to help. 

Make the best of what you've got 

It is very tempting to think 'new home, new start' and get all of your furniture and other items brand new. When I moved into my first place nearly a decade ago this was exactly me and I feel a bit of a diva looking back! 

Roll forward to my 30's and I have realised that I place far more value on experiences and travel, so in order to do that I try and make material things last. If you have any bits of furniture or white goods which aren't perfect, bring them along with you and make temporary use of them until you save up for really good quality replacements that you love. 

When you do decide to upgrade a piece of furniture it is worth selling it on Facebook Marketplace to make a few quid. This works the other way as well, you can pick up some great bargain pieces on there which make ideal upcycling projects.

Take offers of help with moving

Do not underestimate how stressful and time-consuming your move will be. Unless it is a brand new house you are likely to find all sorts of jobs to do which you may not have factored in such as electric repairs, trees to cut down, ceilings to re-plaster (to name a few jobs we've had to sort out!) 

If you know anyone who provides any of the services you need, or if friends / parents offer to help with odd jobs then this time is invaluable and you should accept their offers. People genuinely love to help and you will find that the kindness of others can end up saving £1000's.

Moving house budget- second hand furniture

Hopefully these quick tips are helpful for anyone moving house, I'd love to know in the comments if you use any of them! I will be writing another home-related post soon about my favourite shops for furniture bargains and how I have created a 'luxury for less' master bedroom!


  1. Fab tips. Moving really can be expensive can't it. I'm hoping we don't have to move for at least another 15 years! LOL

    1. Thanks Sam, it's worth it but yes it's a huge pain and I don't want to move again in a hurry! Melis x

  2. I could really do with a good clear out and I know Simon has a ton of stuff he could sell on eBay, may actually think about doing that before we go to New York cos we could do with the pennies! LOVING the eat the contents of your fridge tip! That's my kind of money saving tip!

    1. Yes you should totally do that and then treat yourself in NYC, the perfect place for it! Haha always love an excuse to eat lots more food. Melis x

  3. Some good money saving tips there! We moved in March, but from a 4 bed house so lots of furniture. We (obviously) needed a bit lorry to help with the move and for only £200 extra they offered a full packing service - which also meant everything in boxes was fully insured. No brainier! It made the move completely hassle free. We actually felt like spare parts the day before we moved and the guys were packing everything up. The best bit was that we didn’t have to do anything in advance so we weren’t living with boxes around the house for weeks.

    1. Thanks Victoria. Oh wow that is really worth it, I love the idea of paying someone to pack for me as it really is a boring job! Melis x

  4. Ahhhh 😍!! Thank you so much for your wonderful inspirations honey ♥️!! Well done!!

  5. These are fab tips! So many people dont think of a clean out before the actual move but it totally helps. I helped my friend move house and she had tons and tons of tupawear, she has 3 draws for them now!

    1. Thanks Gemma. Haha wow that is a load of tubs! My house feels a bit empty as I cut down on so much stuff before we left, but it's nice to have lots of storage and a place for everything. Melis x


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