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Druridge Bay Park and Beach

Druridge Bay Park - stepping stones

On the recent bank holiday Monday in the UK, we had the sunniest weather I've known in the North East for a long time. On a nice day, my usual plan would be to dash to either Tynemouth or South Shields which are my two favourite beaches in the region, but we'd had a difficult week and really wanted somewhere more peaceful to relax and soak up the sun without too much to do.

I decided that this was finally the perfect time to check out Druridge Bay beach and park. I didn't know if the park would be worth a visit without children but I thought that even if all we did was sun ourselves on the beach then it would still be totally worth the trip.

Druridge Bay Park and Beach

Geography isn't my strongest point, and despite hearing from friends that Druridge Bay Country Park and beach was an amazing place to be in the sunshine, I always brushed it off as I thought it was far away. Turns out you can get to this breathtaking, secluded place in just 30-40 minutes from Newcastle city centre!

Now I know how close it is, I will not be leaving it as long next time.

Druridge Bay - Beach

It turned out to be a day of two halves. We arrived at around 11.00 am and parked in the Country Park car park. If you put 'Druridge Bay' into your Sat Nav it doesn't take you directly to this car park, so I'd advise using the postcode for the park itself and it will take you to the right place: NE61 5BX. An hour is free, then the most it can cost is £3.00 for over two hours.

Druridge Bay Park and Beach - scenery

We decided to head straight down to the beach as this was definitely what we came for. There were sign posts taking us down lovely paths through the woodland before reaching a main road which you could take left or right to get to Amble or Creswell if you wanted a longer walk.

We headed left for a while then realised that we could access the beach any time by walking straight up over the headland. As we got to the top of the hill I was blown away by the lovely view, and couldn't wait to get down to the beach. I grew up by the sea and it is totally my happy place, especially when it is this gorgeous!

Druridge Bay Beautiful Beach

The few hours that followed literally felt like being abroad. We read books, napped, had a picnic and chatted about which dog we would pick from the gorgeous breeds which frequently bounded past us, loving life.

Druridge Bay Park and Beach: our picnic

It was hard to tear ourselves away from our secluded stretch of beach but after a while we decided to head up to the park for a nice walk. There were no rubbish bins to be seen for our picnic waste so we took it with us. It was nice to see a perfectly clean beach with everyone doing the same, just make sure you take plenty of carrier bags to use for rubbish if needed.

Druridge Bay - Country Park

We retraced our steps back up to the car park at Druridge Bay country park, where there is a visitor centre housing a cafe and toilet facilities. There is also a really lovely children's play park and plenty of picnic benches if you'd rather eat on a proper table. 

The lake is just a few steps away from the visitor centre and we headed there next to walk off our lunch. We weren't too sure how long it would take to walk round the lake but in the end it was gentle stroll of around 40 minutes.

I was looking forward to seeing the stepping stones, pictured below. I really enjoyed this part of our walk. A family with three gorgeous dogs crossed before us and we were all left in fits of laughter after the dogs carefully made their way across the stepping stones, then jumped in the muddy water anyway and started swimming back!

Druridge Bay Park and Beach- stepping stones

I was slightly nervous but they were perfectly safe (albeit a little wobbly) and there is an alternative path around the lake to avoid having to cross the water. People were enjoying various water sports on the lake which are available from April until the end of October, according to Visit Northumberland.

Sailing, canoeing, and windsurfing are all possible at Druridge Bay but a permit is required which is chargeable. There was various equipment available to hire, pictured below, but I am not the adventurous type so stuck to watching everyone else whilst remaining firmly on dry land!

Druridge Bay Park - kayak hire photo

By the time we got to the end of our walk round the lake we were slightly peckish again - what is it about picnic food that makes you never quite full? We really fancied a Mr Whippy ice cream, available next to the play park, but the queue was really long (not a surprise on a day as sunny as this!) so we decided to leave it there for the day and head home.

A Brief Visit to Cresswell

We remembered spotting a traditional ice cream shop in Cresswell, which would be on our way home anyway, so decided to pop their for our ice cream. It was nice, homemade, but nothing too special so I'm not sure I'd visit again. The ice cream van at Druridge Bay Country Park had loads of options for flavours and toppings so definitely one for next time; I think it would be worth the queue.

Druridge Bay - cresswell ice cream after

Then just like that, our lovely sunny visit to Druridge Bay park and beach was over. It's a real gem that we are so lucky to have in the North East. If you live in the region and haven't yet visited then I strongly recommend it when we have another gorgeous day. There is really something for everyone, and I know it will be my go-to in future when I want a relaxed trip to chill out.

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  1. Ah it's one of my happy places. LOVE it here! Might visit tomorrow actually x

    1. I can't believe I have left it so long. My friend used to live near Morpeth and talked about visiting Druridge Bay all the time but just never got round to going. Will definitely go regularly now! X

  2. Such a wonderful part of the coast, love it so much!

    1. Thanks I think it's my favourite now, loved it!


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