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The cities I'd love to re-visit

As a travel blogger I always feel the pressure to visit new cities and take you all along with me. However, there are so many cities I would love to re-visit, either because I have unfinished business with them, or actually because I didn't fall in love the first time round. I don't feel that a short visit to a city is ever enough to form a permanent opinion so I would never tire of re-visiting the same places. Some of the cities I didn't form a bond with are really popular, so I would love to go back and give a second (or third) chance to the places that didn't float my boat.

Without further ado, here are the cities I would love to re-visit and why they each made the list.

The cities I'd love to re-visit: because I didn't see enough

In 2018 when I spent most of my year in Asia, I was lucky enough to 'tick off'' around 15 new cities, but sometimes I didn't have very long to explore. When I have visited places from my home in the UK, it has often been for a short weekend break which doesn't leave enough time to get deep into the heart and soul of a new place. The following cities sparked my interest but I felt that I couldn't do justice to them in a couple of days, so would absolutely love to go back.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

One of my favourite places I have ever visited was Kuala Lumpur in 2018 and I think it is a very underrated Asian city. We only scratched the surface of the nightlife in a weekend, and I could just stare at the gorgeous Petronas twin towers for ages. We didn't try enough street food, and the Batu steps pictured below have been painted with a rainbow of colour now, so there is so much to go back for. If you want to read about our short break in this epic city, check out my guide to 48 hours in Kuala Lumpur.

Dublin, Ireland

My one brief visit to Dublin in 2014 was a work trip for two days. It was mainly spent at a conference and although we did a city treasure hunt and visited the Guinness Factory, I still felt like there was way more to see. Given that it's such an easy, quick flight from Newcastle I'd love to re-visit the city. I think it would be make a fab girls' weekend away so if any of my gals are reading this, let's go!

Venice, Italy

If you caught my last post you will know how much I loved spending 24 hours in Venice in June 2019 but I left wanting more. 24 hours is enough time to see the city for sure but I enjoyed it so much that I would really love to spend a little longer there and check out the colourful island of Burano. Sometimes you just want a trip full of good food, drink and not much else. If I am ever lucky enough to get back to Venice this is exactly how I would plan out my trip!

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon was another one of my absolute favourite cities and one of the highlights of 2017 travel. We stayed in the most beautiful Air B'n'B. If you are looking at visiting Lisbon then feel free to send me a message on Instagram so I can share the details with you! Part of the reason I loved the city so much was down to the hospitality of our host, giving us local recommendations and making us extremely welcome.

I went to my first and only music festival abroad in Lisbon, NOS Alive, which was epic. One of the best parts of this trip was our day trip to Sintra, a UNESCO Heritage site which is too beautiful to try and do justice to in a few words. The first photo in this post was taken in Sintra and the whole place is as pretty as it looks. If you're looking for a chilled, summer weekend break in Europe then Lisbon would always be one of my top recommendations. This was the view from our Air B'n'B of dreams!

The cities I'd love to re-visit because I adored them

There are so many cities which could make this list as I tend to fall in love with most places I visit. It's rare that I dislike a city and usually within 10 minutes I can be found saying 'I love this place, let's live here some day!' These are my fave cities that I want to see more of as they are just that good.

New York, USA

New York is hands-down my favourite city I've been to and it was actually my first holiday outside of Europe. My visit was in 2009 and I feel like so much will have changed since then. I constantly look at flights and try to get a good deal, so I hope 2020 is the year I finally bite the bullet and either visit this year or book for next year. If you haven't been before then I would recommend it 100%, more than any other destination I have been to!

Tokyo, Japan

We had four nights in Tokyo in total during our 2018 Asian adventures which I thought was going to be plenty of time. Now that I have been once I can't emphasise enough how much there is to see. From the robot restaurant to cat hats and vegan sushi, there were so many reasons to fall in love with this crazy, neon city. I wrote a post with the 10 weird and wonderful reasons you should visit Tokyo, and I really must write some more blog posts about this epic place. Definitely a city to re-visit again and again, as I just can't imagine ever getting bored of it.

Copenhagen, Denmark

I will go on about Copenhagen to anyone who will listen as it completely blew me away. I didn't really know what to expect when we visited for a long weekend in 2019, but I fell in love with every aspect of this hygge place! I had read a few books about Copenhagen and hygge before we went which got me in a really excited mood for it, so maybe that helped. The food was perfect, the sights were amazing and it had a lovely atmosphere. Please check out my guide to visiting Copenhagen on a budget and promise me you will add this fantastic place to your European bucket list!

I would actually live in Copenhagen and wouldn't rule it out as an option if we ever decide to go back to expat life in future. My only wish (well two, actually) is that it was a little bit more affordable and that there were regular direct flights from Newcastle.

The cities I'd love to re-visit because I wasn't a fan

When I've written critically about places I have visited before people have jumped to their defence (quite rightly if it's somewhere you truly love!) I can't say that I have hated anywhere I visited as that wouldn't be fair. If you read my post about whether Croatia is worth a visit you will know I wasn't too sold on the country, but I know that many people love it so maybe I should go back one day. However, it doesn't make this list as I am not in a rush to go back. These are the cities I have visited once and for whatever reason they didn't click with me, but I would absolutely love to go back and be proven wrong!

Berlin, Germany

I didn't enjoy Berlin much. I feel like I'm in a total minority here. We visited in April 2017 and the weather was a total wash-out, so I do wonder if that had a big part to play in my experience. We stayed in a bad area (my fault) and got offered drugs when we walked out for dinner. It just wasn't for me, but I know it's loved by many so I would like to go back in summer and give it another try.

When looking at photos I found this one with blue skies, so the whole weekend can't have been a wash-out. Goes to show how things can stay fixated in your memory and maybe I didn't give the city a fair chance!

Paris, France

Yes, I know. How could anyone not love Paris? This is the question I have always asked myself as I have visited Paris three times and never really 'got it'. I was a child and then 20 years old though, so highly uncultured and probably not old enough to enjoy the romantic streets of the city. 

I surprised my boyfriend with a Paris trip for Christmas as he loves the city, and I can't wait to go back with him in February 2020. Watch this space to see if I fall in love, and if I don't, I hope he loves it again! I have a feeling we will explore more of France soon so watch this space.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I visited this city on my first ever trip abroad with work. Glamorous, right? Erm no, not at all. I was so terrified as I left the airport and saw the bullet-proof glass and when I got to my hotel I didn't go out and explore. I was in a gorgeous hotel right in Ipanema Beach and I didn't go out! When I look back I realise how ridiculous that was but I was only 22 and not used to going away alone.

Luckily after a few days of being sad in my room, I got a note under my door from colleagues who were also out there. A group of middle-aged blokes took me under their wing and my trip completely turned around! We explored Sugar Loaf mountain and Christ the Redeemer together and it was great. Now that I am more used to going abroad and seeing different cultures, I would love the chance to go back to Rio and see everything this colourful city has to offer.

Writing this post has got me feeling ready to book some trips, and I can't wait to re-visit some of these epic cities. I feel that modern travel culture encourages us to see more and more places, counting countries and adding to numbers more than going back to places we love. Partially Instagram's fault (I acknowledge that I am part of the problem!) and also how much experiences are valued over material possessions now. I'd love to know in the comments if there are any cities you would love to re-visit and why!


  1. really do need to go back to Croatia! I loved Porec and Cavtat (opposite ends of the country) and I know you'd love them too. You can also visit Lake Bled in Slovenia from Porec which is stunning Xx

    1. I probably didn't see the best bits, I know you absolutely loved it there! I fancy Montenegro as well which looks to be close to Croatia. Melis xx

  2. I was not a fan of Paris either, I also want to re-visit to see if I like it better second time around. x

    1. I'm really interested to see what it's like - I will be blogging honestly about the trip so will let you know if it converts me! Melis x

  3. We have just booked Venice for the summer to celebrate my son's 18th birthday, and we are also off to Copenhagen. I think if I remember that you stayed in the Ibsen hotel which is where I have my eye on. So many wonderful cities to explore isn't there x

    1. How exciting! Venice is such a dream. Yes we stayed at Ibsens, really nice hotel! Make sure you make the most of the free wine in the late afternoon if you are back at the hotel, and if you want to go for a special meal, Host is very close by and one of the best meals of my life. Melis x

  4. AS you know, I feel the same about Paris so will be interested to see how you find it this time. I think a mix of bad experiences and no stand out good experience really left a lasting impression that is hard for me to shake.

    I would LOVE to revisit Genoa as it was just me and the kids and I would love to take Steve there. Also Havana as 24 hours left us wanting more!

    I have been craving a re-visit to Barcelona recently too despite visiting 10+ times over the years....

    1. Totally the same for me! Will definitely write an honest post about how I find it. I am trying to go with an open, positive mindset! Oooh I've not been to either of those places... more for the list! I have only been to Barcelona once for a very short trip so definitely one to go to properly. So many places! Melis x

  5. Venice and Copenhagen are also on my list to revisit again, because I just love both cities so much. Hope I will get to go to Venice again this year. Dublin on the other side is one of the cities that didn't really impress me that much, maybe because countryside in Ireland was beyond incredible, so I would definitely go there again and give it another chance.

    Janja |

    1. I'd love to see more of Ireland beyond Dublin for sure - what I've seen of it from other people's trips makes it look incredible! Venice and Copenhagen are both epic, I could go again and again... Melis x


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