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Visiting the Eiffel Tower with Klook

Eiffel tower with Klook-first glimpse
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Ah, Paris. The city of romance with a picture-perfect cafe on every corner. I was so lucky to re-visit a few days ago and explore the city for the first time in over 10 years. Despite having been to Paris a number of times before I had somehow never actually been up the Eiffel Tower. It is arguably the most recognisable landmark in the world, so to actually go up it and take in the 360 degree views of this beautiful city was quite the unforgettable experience!

Visiting eiffel tower with Klook - top floor

We booked our skip-the-line tickets through the Klook app a few weeks before our trip. It was very easy to navigate and I liked the fact you could filter on city as well as the type of activity you were looking for. Klook's prices are often discounted compared to booking with attractions directly and it takes the stress out of activity planning knowing that all tours and activity providers have been vetted prior to being listed on the site and app.

We chose a 4.15pm weekday slot for our Eiffel Tower visit as we hoped this meant we could see the stunning views in their daylight, sunset and night-time glory. We met our tour guide at the company's office which was not far from the tower itself, and meant we could all meet without getting caught up in the crowds.

Visiting eiffel tower with Klook- taking in 2nd floor views

We already had tickets for tower entry so we were able to join a shorter queue for security and then skip the lines after that. Our guide escorted us to the lifts and explained that we should go right up to the top floor and work our way down.

As part of our skip-the-line tickets we had priority access to the first and second floors. We got straight in a lift to the second floor, beating the huge queues which were starting to form. Our ticket also gave us access to the third floor, for which there was a small queue for but nothing like the other floors would have been without priority access. The true Brit in me felt very smug getting to the top so quickly!

The lift itself was a fantastic experience with stunning views all the way up to the top. Golden hour had well and truly started, with Paris looking oh-so-beautiful in the warm light. We were so lucky to have blue skies in February and whilst it was a little windy, we enjoyed walking round the top floor taking in the views from 300m high.

Visiting eiffel tower with Klook-amazing views

Visiting eiffel tower with Klook-amazing views

As part of our tickets we had access to a free app provided by our tour operator, with an English audio guide. It is worth mentioning if you book this activity through Klook I would suggest bringing your headphones along as the facts were really interesting and worth listening to. It can be quite windy up there so headphones are a must to be able to properly listen to the audio.

Visiting eiffel tower with Klook- app and audio guide

We worked our way down to the second floor and slowly stopped at each point on the map shown on our app, and listened to the story behind each landmark. This really enriched the experience and I loved hearing more about what we were looking at. 

I much prefer this to a guided tour group where sometimes the facts can be a little in-depth and you can't move on as quickly as you might like to. We were able to listen to as much or as little as we fancied and move around depending on where the crowds were lighter.

Visiting eiffel tower with Klook-- windy but great views!

As the sun started to set at around 5.40pm we were all set to get outside and take some amazing photos but unfortunately the heavens well and truly opened! If only we could control the weather. This didn't spoil our experience at all and we had still seen so much. There are covered parts of the tower you can dash into and some nice, classy souvenir shops so all is not lost if it rains.

I am so glad we booked our experience when we did as an hour and a half of sunshine was a great amount of time to enjoy the beautiful views and really appreciate each level of the tower. The queues to get down weren't bad at all, even though everyone was trying to get out of the rain. 

Visiting eiffel tower with Klook

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and it was made so much better by not having to queue, so I would not hesitate to recommend booking through Klook for your own Eiffel Tower tour. They have a huge variety of  activities across 350 destinations so give it a go and see what you can find!


  1. Ah it sounds like your experience with Klook was completely seamless with some brilliant added perks. Loved your videos on Insta of you going up the tower x

    1. Thanks Sam, it was really good and we didn't have long in Paris so appreciated the fact it didn't take up much of our day. Melis x


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